Q: When is your next release for _____?

A: Not determined. But I assure you that we will release as fast as we can ^^. If you want faster releases, join our staff and help us! We try to release new chapters of all our projects monthly.

Q: Can we host your releases?

A: You may host our releases 2 days after they released. We allow our releases to be hosted on MangaDex immediately. If you host our releases on your site, please do not alter/remove pages from our releases in any way.

Q: Can I scanlate your releases in other languages?

A: Yes you can but you have to send us an email asking for permission. We will also give your our cleans/raws if you credit our raw provider and cleaner! You just have to ask. We only allow one group to scanlate a project at a time and we have a spreadsheet to keep track of it. You can find it Here . Please do check and make sure your language isn’t already being worked on. However we do have several rules for retranslation groups:

  1.  A group can only be actively working on 5 projects at a time.
  2. After 3 months another group can take over the project and you’ll lose your permissions.

Q: We would like to do a joint project, are you interested?

A: We are always open for new and interesting joint projects. So Please send us an email.

Q: I would like to suggest a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua!

A: Go ahead! We love suggestions! Just leave a comment in the Forum under “Manga Suggestions”,  or send us an email!.

Q: I’m having problems receiving my activation email or my account on the forum. Help??

A: Check your spam folder first! I do know there’s something odd going on with our email server where it’s not always sending emails. I just haven’t had time to look into it. Wait 15-20 minutes and if you haven’t received something, send an email to [email protected] with the email and username you used to sign up. We can manually activate the account!


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