1. DO NOT host our releases without permission. Don’t be an ass , be polite and ask us, we are not tyrants, we KNOW how to say Yes. And all that with love and a cherry on top.
  2. DO NOT change the content/name/anything of our releases without permission to do so.
  3. We value the time and effort put in by our Scanlators. Therefore, please do so as well. If you see any mis-crediting in our projects. Send us an email!
  4. DO NOT sell/make profit out of our releases! Decadence is a non-profit group who dedicates itself to bring Mangas/Manhwas/Manhuas to people who does not have access to them in their area. If you payed to read our releases, you have been scammed!
  5. Please SUPPORT the authors if you like them and buy their books when available in your area! So that we all can continue to have awesome stories to enjoy!
  6. Wait 2 DAYS before posting any of our releases on an online reading site. You are free to do so without asking AFTER 2 days.
  7. Reader: Be nice and respectful to each other in the comment sections. Please refrain from using offensive language and no spamming.

Follow these rules or we’ll send Ritsuka after you. 😉

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