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Scanlation work is strictly volunteer! We do not get paid for the work that we do. But what we can offer you is a great, fun group to work and the ability to practice your skills! If you would like to join us, please visit the RECRUITMENT FORUM.

Below is a description of each position.

Translators (JP, CH, KR)

  • As a translator you will translate from raw scans into English. You should be fairly fluent in both English and your chosen language as to provide us with a good accurate script.
  • Should have a script done within two weeks.


  • The job of a proofreader is not very simple. They are in charge of making sure to check for missing translations as well as going over the script with a fine-tooth comb and rewording sentences to make them flow better in English. They also are required to be knowledgeable about the project to make sure the story and scripts are consistent with past chapters.
  • Should have a script done within one week.


  • Cleaners are people who clean out the SFX, original text, and prepare the pages for typesetting.
  • Should have a chapter cleaned within two weeks.


  • A typesetter takes the proofread script and cleaned pages and turn into a chapter that is English. You must be able to install many different fonts onto your computer and have some creativity.
  • Should have a chapter typeset within two weeks.


  • Does the combined job of a cleaner and typesetter. For this test please take both the Typesetter and Cleaner test.
  • Should have a chapter done within three to four weeks.

Quality Checker:

  • A Quality checker is the last defense to catch any mistakes. It’s up to you to correct the proofreader and catch anything that the typesetter or cleaner might have missed. It is recommended you have a good grasp on the English language and have some editing experience.
  • Should have a chapter done within one week.

*We offer training for Cleaners, Typesetters, and Editors!
**These are rough estimates as to how long it should take you to do your assigned position. These are fairly flexible. If you’re taking longer than expected just talk to me. I’m very understanding and mostly just would like progress reports. I understand real-life stuff comes first.

If you would like to apply please follow these directions:

  1. Sign up for the forum. We do all our communicating through the forums.
  2.  Visit the RECRUITMENT FORUM.
  3. Read the PLEASE READ thread. (If you skip this step, I guarantee you will fail.)
  4. Take the test for your desired position. Once finished upload it to a media sharing website (like Mediafire) and copy the link into a forum post.
    A. Include your username you used to sign up with in the subject along with your position you’re applying for in []
    Ex: [Editor] `Roze`
    B. If you would like to be credited as something other than your username let us know. For example, you registered as “Roze244” because “Roze” was taken and you want to be credited as “Roze” that’s fine. Or if you have a nickname for a really lonh name: i.e. “DuchessofFantasy” –> “Nessy” we can credit you that way as well. I can guarantee if you have a long name I’m going to assign you a nickname. =)
  5.  If you are applying as a cleaner or typesetter and have experience with another scan group before, send at least 3 example chapters of your work and then you don’t have to take the test.
    1. Translators, proofreaders, and Quality Checkers MUST take the test!
  6. Please do NOT apply if you’re going to disappear within a week or if you think most of the time you can’t get your position you’re applying for done in the estimated time above. (If there are a few times you’re unsure because of real-life situations, that’s completely understandable. Just as long as it isn’t every time) Mostly, we really want people who are going to be dedicated and not leave without a word! If you need to take a break or decide scanning isn’t the thing for you, just say so. Leaving suddenly causes confusion for me, because I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t assign another person the chapter that was given to you. I won’t be mad. Promise.

Even if you were to leave suddenly because something crazy like your computer blew up (heaven forbid), your internet bill wasn’t paid, etc., if you just come back and explain to me, I’ll more than likely take you back. 🙂

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