Happy (Belated) Easter 2018!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! I ate way too much food!

My family also has a tradition of having someone make a piñata to bring for the kids! This year I got to make it. Here’s a picture in case you wanted to see it! I put a lot of work into it and everyone was pretty impressed. It was also a bear to get broken open! My 15 year old sister had to use an aluminum bat. Lol. Next time I’ll use less papier-mâché! (I was actually worried it wouldn’t be sturdy enough xD)

Also here’s a picture of my cutey daughter just in case you need a dose of baby cuteness today.

Anyways, on wards to the real reason you’re here! RELEASES! We have Mitsuyokon, Koi wa Tsud, and Koudaike no Hitobito for you this week! Please enjoy!

Mitsuyokon – Tsukumogami no Yomegoryou  v02 Ch08

Download || Read Online

Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomade mo  v01 ch05

Download || Read Online

Koudaike no Hitobito v02 ch13

Download || Read Online

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  1. Aww what a cute happy looking baby ^^ and cool piñata!

    Thanks for your work guys! I love Koudaike no Hitobito especially, I’ll always be impatiently waiting for the next chapter arf.

  2. Happy belated Easter!
    Thank you very much for the releases!
    She is very cute!
    I miss the time when my son was still a baby!

  3. Happy Easter and thank you so much for the releases! 🙂

  4. Very cool Pinata! Thanks so much for the releases! (btw can’t see the baby pic)

  5. Thank you very much for the new releases! especially the new Mitsuyokon chapter! <3

  6. I really love koudaike no hitobito… I can’t wait for the next release.
    Thank you so muchhhhhhh…

  7. Thank you so much for Koudaike no Hitobito! I’m addicted. 🙂

  8. Thank you very much! <3

  9. The manga Mitsuyokon really question my decision to not marry 😂 I like it a lot

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