JnH, MnS, Koi Tsuzuku

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a happy 4th and Canada day! I took a week long vacation and we went and stayed at my Uncle’s lodge. It was super relaxing and fun! So sad back to work tomorrow! Here’s a couple scenery pictures from the Lake!

Onwards to the releases! We’ve got Joou no Hana, joint with Phoenix Serenade, Maria no Shiro, and Koi Tsuzuku! Please enjoy!

Joou no Hana v04 ch16B

Read Online || Download

Maria no Shiro v02 ch09

Read Online || Download

Koi wa Tsuzuku v01 ch06

Read Online || Download


  1. Thanks for the releases!

  2. Thank you for another great Koi no Tsuzuku release 💖
    Hope you had a great time relaxing, all the very best with work!

  3. Thank you very much for the new chapters!

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