Love Scatters, QQ, and Ardour

Hello everyone!

This week we are bringing you Queen’s Quality, Ardour, and the last chapter of Love Scatters!

Love Scatters was the first project Decadence picked up as well as the reason why the group was founded. It’s a bit sad to see the project end, but keep an eye out for future project’s from Yuki! Also, to celebrate the end of our first project, myself and one of our editors, Sevs, colored a few pages in the chapter. Please look out for those and hope you enjoy them~

Love Scatters v04 ch17 [End]

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Queen’s Quality v01 ch05

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

Ardour v09 ch37

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

We are recruiting!!! We really need a Chinese Translator for Ardour and Switch Girl! We also are looking for proofreaders and typesetters. You may apply in the forum!



  1. Thanks for your hard work and congratulations on finishing Love Scatters – I really loved these oneshots^^

  2. Thank you very much for the releases!!

  3. Thank you so much ! Yuki‘s latest book is called 花喰い in Japanese. I hope you can translate it one day.Thank you so much !

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