IkeSen & Koi Yobu

Hello everyone! This week we have IkeSen and Koi Yobu!

I also wanted to address something serious. It has come to my attention that there are a few aggregator (third party readers) websites that are taking our releases and removing our credit and recruitment pages. If you are someone who uploads for these third party readers, please DO NOT remove our pages. If this continues to be an issue, we will have no choice but to place a larger watermark with our website address on our pages. I would hate to do this as we’ve always tried to place our watermarks in a way so they don’t interfere with the artwork.

To our dedicated readers, please support us by reading our releases either on our website or MangaDex.

On another note, we are still $30 short for our hosting for the next two years. If I’m unable to raise this money, I will have to look into putting an ad or two on our website/reader. I really would hate to do this as I’ve always tried to keep our website ad free!

Please consider donating if you are able. We greatly appreciate it.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to support us. And now, enjoy the releases~

Ikesen v01 ch04

Download || Reader || MangaDex

Koi to Yobu v02 ch08

Download || Reader || MangaDex

We are recruiting! We really need a Chinese Translator for Ardour and a Chinese or Japanese Translators of Switch Girl. All other positions may apply.

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  1. Thank you very much for the chapters!

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