Koi wa Tsuzuku, Shizuko is My Bride, & Mitsuyokon

Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! Hope everyone is enjoying their day and staying safe! It’s early morning for me and we’re going to go Kayaking and then have a Grill-Out at our house in the evening!

I also wanted to apologize for such a long delay in releases! I’ve been really busy the last couple weeks. My High-school friend got married and I was a bridesmaid and then right after my daughter turned 3 and we had a birthday party last weekend!

Hopefully things will be a little less busy and we’ll be able to get back to weekly releases.

Enough of my rambling! Onto the releases!

Koi wa Tsuzuku v03 ch12








Read Online || Download || MangaDex

Shizuko is My Bride v02 ch06

Read Online || Download || MangaDex

Mitsuyokon v03 ch14

Read Online || Download || MangaDex


We are recruiting! We really need translators in all shapes and forms, cleaners, and proofreaders! 

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  1. Thank you so much! Happy 4th to all of you as well–those who celebrate anyway! *hugs*

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