Ikesen, Koneko-chan & Kanojo

Hi everybody!

Releases are out this week! We bring you Ikemen Sengoku and Koneko-chan and we’re happy to announce a new series we’re picking up: Kanojo to Kare no Shuumatsu!

Ikemen Sengoku v03 ch10

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Koneko-chan v03 ch17

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Kanojo to Kare no Shuumatsu v01 ch01

Download || Read Online || MangaDex


We are recruiting! We could really use some Typesetters, no experience needed we will train you. All other positions may apply. 


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  1. Thank you for started working on this manga! I have been waiting for a long time to read it in English. To my surprise, I found two more mangas in your translation current projects which were in my read list from a while now. I hope you guys work on more unpopular mangas which are unique and interesting such as these!

    Joou no Hana & Koi to Yobu & switch girl! are the other two mangas I was talking about above ^^.

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