Mitsuyokon, Koi to Yobu & Koneko

Hello all!

This week we have Mitsuyokon, Koi to Yobu, and Koneko-chan!

The progress on Mitsuyokon is going very SLOWLY! We used to get our translations from Otakumole and they have since closed down. So we could really use a Japanese TL to work on Mitsuyokon!

Mitsuyokon v04 ch18

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Koi to Yobu v03 ch16

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Koneko-chan v03 ch19

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

We’re also recruiting Japanese translators for other projects and cleaners! Please apply in our forum. 

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  1. Thank you very much! <3

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