September Releases #4

Hi everyone!

This week’s releases are finally here! I got sidetracked by video games and dinner but I finally managed to do releases! This week is Bibi – Joint with Dayment Scans, your weekly Koikimo, Love Song, Mitsuyokon, and Shintan Kairou. We hope you enjoy~

Bibi v07 ch47 – Joint with Dayment Scans

Download || Read Online

Koikimo v08 ch50

Download || Read Online

Love Song ch10

Download || Read Online

Mitsuyokon v06 ch29

Download || Read Online

Shintan Kairou v01 ch03

Download || Read Online


  1. Thank you very much! <3

  2. Thank you for everyone’s hardwork! I love Mitsuyokon~!

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