June Releases #1

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay in releases~ Late Spring/Early Summer time gets to be busy here on the farm for me. We’re busy cleaning up from the winter, hatching baby chicks, and getting our garden planted! And we are really in need of more typesetters to keep up with all the series we picked up, so if you’re interested please check out our forum. We will train you and we can provide you with a free version of photoshop too!

This week we have Chronicles of Qing Xi, Harukanaru Toki, and This Man is a Little Mischievous.

Chronicles of Qing Xi ch28

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Harukanaru Toki v07 ch33

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

This Man is a Little Mischievous

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

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