Happy 9th Birthday Decadence!

Hello, all our lovely readers!

Another year and another birthday for our awesome team! This past year we’ve accomplished a lot; finished some long-running series Mitsuyokon, Koudaike no Hitobito, Koneko-chan, and Koi wa Tsuzuku! And because of that and our expanding team we were able to pick up a lot of projects this year too like Harumon, Sexy Tanaka-san, Ashi Girl and more you’ll get to know soon!

I would like to extend out my appreciation and gratitude to what a great team of people we have here at Decadence. We wouldn’t have made it this far without all of our passionate and dedicated staffers. I would also like to mention that we said “Good-Bye” to a long time staffer, Chiisai-hime, this year. She was instrumental in the progression of Decadence throughout the years. We will miss her with all our hearts but we send her the best wishes for whatever the future holds for her. Thank you Chiisai-hime, for your years of service and thank you to all who are with us today. You guys rock and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with. ♥ Here’s to another great year at Decadence!!!

We have some fun things to share with you guys for this celebration!

Decadence’s statistics over the past 9 years!

  • Total of 924 chapters released (including the 9 from this release)
  • Total of 79 projects worked on
  • 19 active projects currently
  • 5 projects dropped (2 because of licensing)
  • 35 projects finished
  • 22 active staffs

Decadence’s top 9 series voted on by all our staffers

1. Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui – 8 votes
2. Ashi-Girl – 7 votes
3. Oni no Hanayome wa Taberaretai – 6 votes
4. Sexy Tanaka-san – 6 votes
5. Haru no Arashi to Monster – 5 votes
6. Joou no Hana – 5 votes
7. Koi wa Tsuzuku yo doko made mo – 5 votes
8. Koudaike no Hitobito – 5 votes
9. Deaimon – 4 votes
10. Koisuru Hotaru to Kurashiteru – 4 votes
11. Mephistopheles wa Dare? – 4 votes
11. Mitsuyokon – Tsukumogami no Yomegoryou – 4 votes
11. Shiosai no Majo – 4 votes


Finally….9 chapters of releases for 9 years!!!

Ardour v10 ch47

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Ashi Girl v06 ch41

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Hanakui v01 ch01

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Joou no Hana v13 ch36

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Kurotsuta Yashiki v01 ch01

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Marika-chan v04 ch13

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Red River Oneshot

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Shiosai no Majo v02 ch13 END

Download || Read Online || MangaDex

Tsumari v04 ch17

Download || MangaDex


We are also recruiting proofreaders and typesetters to keep up with all our projects. No experience needed for typesetters as we’ll teach you. 

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  1. Thanks for the releases and nine years! You are great!

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