July Releases #2

It’s finally that time of the year… The temperature has hit +30C, and I am melting… But I shall still release!

This week, we have Switch Girl, Teach Me More (Can we be faster than SS?), and Harumon (it’s been a while, eh?).

And a reminder to Harumon fans: The third volume will be released on 20 July. Don’t forget to buy your copy!

Haru no Arashi to Monster v02 ch08

Download || Read Online || Mangadex

Switch Girl v16 ch99

Download || Read Online || Mangadex

Teach Me More v05 ch21

Download || Read Online || Mangadex

If you want to give back to the community this summer, visit our forums to join the team! We need proofreaders,cleaners, and typesetters!

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