September Releases #2

Let’s roll this week’s releases out! This week, we bring you new chapters of Chronicles of Qing Xi, Koisuru Hotaru to Kurashiteru and Yuureiyado no Aruji.

Regarding KoiHota, as everyone might have guessed, the series has been on hiatus since October 2022. I have failed to catch an official statement about the future of the series, but on Mogusu-sensei says in her Twitter  (X? I still can’t get used to the new name..) bio that the series is on hiatus. Riku’s suffering in the hiatus hell, pray for him and for this series to come back. Until that time, goodbye, Koihota!

Chronicles of Qing Xi ch47

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Koisuru Hotaru to Kurashiteru v02 ch10 [HIATUS]

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Yuureiyado no Aruji v01 ch03

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