November Releases #3

It was Thanksgiving in the US a few days ago so Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate. Personally I am extremely thankful for the amazing team of people that we have here at Decadence. We couldn’t be successful without each and everyone of them. ♥

This week we bring you Amaku, Ashi Girl, Teach Me Love and a brand new project, Onna no Ka ga Iru Basho wa by Ebine Yamaji! This manga is a series of stories of young girls across the world, who are told what to do, or not to do, “because they are a woman,” either because of the religion or the culture of the place they live in.

Sugar Baby v01 ch04

Download || Read Online || Mangadex

Ashi Girl v07 ch47

Download || Read Online || Mangadex

Teach Me Love v04 ch28

Download || Read Online || Mangadex

Onna no Ka ga Iru Basho wa ch01

Download || Read Online || Mangadex

We’re recruiting! We could really use more proofreaders! Please apply in our forums.

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