Koneko, LD, and MSO

Hello everyone!

This week we bring you Koneko-Chan Kocchi ni Oide, Love Devil, and Mahou Shoujo Ore! Please enjoy!

Koneko-Chan Kocchi ni Oide v01 Ch04

Download || Reader || Batoto

Love Devil v03 Ch11

Download || Reader || Batoto

Mahou Shoujo Ore v01 Prologue & Extras

Prologue: Download || Reader || Batoto

Extras: Download || Reader 

We DESPERATELY need PROOFREADERS & CLEANERS! We will train cleaners and can provide a FREE version of Photoshop! Please apply in the forums!


  1. Thank you very much for the releases!

  2. thank you for releasing!!

  3. Thank you for your hard work!
    I must say I’m impressed with Miura Hiraku. Her work is more explicit than usual shoujo smut, but her artwork is still very pretty. Usually, unless it’s yaoi, one of those tends to suffer: either it’s explicit with questionable art, or pretty but tame – but she has both. Very nice.

  4. I am desperate for the finished volumes of Amorous Devil!

    It’s so frustrating that I can’t get it in my country, because I can easily translate from French.

    • Hi there! We actually have raws for Love Devil in French up to the end of volume 4. For volume 5 we have German raws. If you’re interested in translating it, check out the FR TL test in the forums! (A couple of the pages from the test are actually from Love Devil!)

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