Happy 5th Birthday Decadence!

Hello Everyone!!! We are super excited to announce that today marks the 5 year anniversary of Decadence’s first release!!! So Happy Birthday Decadence!!!

To celebrate, we have some special treats for you, including: meet the staff, Decadence Statistics, and a mass release of projects!

First, I would like to start off with some of Decadence’s statistics!

  • Total of 280 chapters released
  • Total of 37 projects worked on
  • 16 active projects currently
  • 0 projects dropped
  • 22 projects finished
  • 13 active staffs

Meet the Staff

Ariadne has been apart of Decadence for a couple years now! She started as a proofreader and in the beginning she helped me a lot with organization work. Though since she’s been busy with school, she’s mostly just been proofreading when she has the time!

“Hello everyone! I’m Aria and I’m a proofreader here at Decadence.  You’ve probably seen me in many projects, coz I tend to jump from one series to another when I PR 😂 I joined Decadence the same year that I entered university, majoring in Biology, and it has been one hell of a ride. I hope I can still continue doing this when I enter med school; scanlating has been a great stress-reliever for me, I’m sure you can relate to that, as well 😊 Thank you so much to all the readers for continuing to support us after all these years!!”

Chiisai-Hime has been with Decadence since practically the beginning. Her main role is a proofreader but she also quality checks and is fluent in Japanese, Chinese, and French so sometimes she helps us with translating and checking!

“Hey, Chii here. I joined Decadence a little after it was founded! This was one of my first groups since switching to scanlation from subbing. My favorite projects are mostly josei like Koi Yobu, KoiTsuzu, and Koneko-chan, but I do love me some profound BL ^^”


Kokoromi is the co-admin of Decadence! She’s been around for a few years. She joined Decadence as a typesetter and later learned how to clean!

“Hey everyone, Kokoromi here! I’m one of the co-admins and editors of Decadence. Thinking back, I can’t believe that I have been part of Decadence for over two and a half years already! I recently finished my undergraduate in Business with a major in Accounting. My favorite projects are                                                          Harukanaru Toki, Koi to Yobu, and Queen’s Quality but all of our projects are my precious babies~!”

Learenn is a newer member to our group, but she’s very motivated! She joined our group as a proofreader and recently finished her typesetter training and is now starting cleaning training!

“Hi! I’m Learenn, and I proofread and typeset for Decadence. I’ve only been a staff member since last fall, and this is my first time working with a scanlation group, but it’s already been great fun so far. I came on board because of Ikemen Sengoku, but now that I’m reading more of our manga I don’t think I can pick a favorite!”

Periwinkle is relatively newer member. She joined our group as a proofreader! 

“Hey there, it’s periwinkle! I joined the team last year as a proofreader and my favorite titles include Koi wa Tsuzuku Dokomade mo, Koudaike no Hitobito and Queen’s Quality. As I work in advertising by day (and too often by night!), proofreading for Decadence is a fun respite I make time for, almost as much as reading manga. It’s also a great way for me to give back to the international community of manga readers, where many of us don’t have access to translated titles. Thanks for supporting                                                                 Decadence thus far, and I hope you’ll continue to follow many more of our releases moving forward!”

Putochan is a long time member! She originally came from our mother group, Transcendence. She’s been with me since I started Decadence as she was the translator for Love Scatters (the project Decadence was started for.) She’s an extremely talented Japanese translator.

“I’m Putochan, one of the translators.:hi: I’ve been scanlating since 2012 as part of Transcendence and now Decadence. I consider it a hobby and a way to give back to the community. Men’s Kou, Black Bird, and Cosplay Deka are my favorite projects so far. For a living, I do Business Intelligence analysis for a fintech company.”

Roze – yours truly. :3

“Hi guys! Roze here. I’m the founder of Decadence scans. I started scanlation about eight years after seeing a recruitment ad in Black Bird. I work full-time as a Digital Image Specialist and have a two-year old daughter! My top 5 favorite projects currently are Ikesen, Koi Yobu, Koi Tsuzuku, Harukanaru and Queen’s Quality. (That was hard to pick!!! I love most of our projects xD)”

Ruang is a relatively newer member to the group. She does a wonderful job making sure manga pages are beautifully typesetted!

“Hi there! My name is Ruang. I’m a typesetter for Decadence and it’s honestly been a fun stress-reliever from school! I’m currently in second year of my undergraduate degree of biochemistry. I LOVE romance manga with a lot of character development and a tiny bit of healthy drama!”

Sedna is another original member from our mother group, Transcendence!!! She is an amazing Japanese Translator and has a hand in almost all our projects!

“Hello everyone! Sedna here, translator for many years. I was invited to join Decadence by Roze a little after it was founded. Can’t believe it’s already been five years! I studied Japanese Studies at university and work at a Japanese company now. Translating has always been a hobby of mine. Hopefully you enjoy my translations! My favorite projects are Koi to Yobu, Koi wa Tsuzuku and IkeSen.”

Sevs is also a relatively new staff member but she jumped full in with helping out! She is trained as a typesetter, cleaner, and just recently a proofreader! In her spare time, she also helps me with the website and to bring release to our lovely readers!

“Hi there! I’m Sevs, one of the editors. I only joined Decadence in April last year, but I already adore this community and the manga we release! I’m currently doing my Master thesis in Marine Biology, though scan work is a big part of my everyd— spare time. Ugh, favorite project? We have so many good ones! Top 3 must be Koi wa Tsuzuku, Ikesen and Mitsuyokon, maybe. :3”


Spectrum is a new translator! He brought us a new project that he’s been working on translating and it’s definitely been refreshing to add some males variety to our group!

“Hi! I’m Spectrum. I am a 34-year-old man from Denmark. My measurements are 87-81-92 and myblood type is O. Tihi~~ 😉 

Seriously, though. I joined Decadence in December 2018. I am the translator on Shizuko Is My Bride. In manga, anime and visual novels I like romance, but in Western fiction I mostly like fantasy and supernatural horror. Also, I am a computer scientist and I play board games. Other than Shizuko I  cannot say yet what my favorite Decadence manga are; I’m still exploring them.”

Mass Release!!!

To celebrate Decadence’s birthday, we are bringing you TEN — that’s right, I said T-E-N, chapters!!! Our staffers have slaved for the last month and half to bring you a massive amount of releases!!!

I want to call special attention to one of these projects among that ten and that is Shizuko is My Bride. This is a new project brought to us by our new translator, Spectrum! It’s a little bit out of our usual realm (it’s shounen) but it’s still a really cute story! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. ♥ Enough of the ramblings, ENJOY!

Butter v05 Extra

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

Butter v06 Ch29

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

Ikemen Sengoku v02 ch05

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

Koi to Yobu v01 Extra

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

Koi to Yobu v02 ch 09

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

Koi wa Tsuzuku yo v02 ch 09

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

Koneko-Chan v02 ch12

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

Koudaike v02 ch17

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

Shizuko is My Bride v01 ch01

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

Switch Girl v12 Ch72

Read Online || MangaDex || Download


  1. Nice to read all the profiles! Thank you all for your hard work!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    And thank you very much for the mass release and all the staff hard work!
    The link for Koi to Yobu v01 Extra and Switch Girl v12 Ch72 is not working.

    • For switch Girl, try adding a [Decadence] at the end of the Switch_Girl_v12_ch72 part (Switch_Girl_v12_ch72[Decadence]).

      For Koi to Yobu, change in Koi_to_Yobu_v01_Extra[Decadence[.zip that last [ by a ].

  3. Happy Anniversary!!
    It’s super interesting to read about which series you guys really enjoy working and also especially what you guys do in RL. It’s very remarkable that all of you have such busy jobs/studies and still manage to churn out so many quality releases!! Kudos to you!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you for all the hard work.

  5. A little late but happy belated anniversary!
    Thank you for everyone who work hard scanlating every chapter and finishing long loved projects. m(_ _)m eternally grateful

  6. happy anniversary!! thanks for all your hard work these past 5 years!!

  7. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!
    Thank you all so very much for all your hard work throughout the years.

  8. WWWWWOOOWWWWW!!!! Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary!!! and many, many,…many more to celebrate in the near future.

    Thank you so very much for all the goodies, the sharing and for working on so lovely projects!!!

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