JnH, Shizuko & QQ

Hi Everyone!!!

I want to say thank you to all our lovely readers for the Birthday wishes! It warms our hearts to see how much we’re appreciated! ♥

This week we have Joou no Hana, Shizuko is My Bride, and Queen’s Quality!

We are still looking for someone who might be able to provide scans of Petit Princess issues from February 2013, April 2013 and June 2013. We are interested in picking Shitsuren Pet to Juui-sama which is found in those issues! Please contact us if you can provide raws. ♥

Joou no Hana v07 ch17B

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Queen’s Quality v02 Ch06

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

Shizuko is My Bride v01 ch02

Read Online || MangaDex || Download

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  1. Thank you very much!

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