QQ, Mephistopheles & Haru

Hi All!

Today we have both sad and happy news. The sad news is that we have decided to drop Queen’s Quality after this chapter. It’s been a difficult project to work on and with it being licensed, the group has made the decision to move on so we can concentrate our energy on other projects.

So on the good side of things. we’re announcing that we’ve picked up Mephistopheles wa Dare! We also redid chapters one and two because we felt what had been released previously wasn’t the best quality so we did them again to our standards. After Meph, we have another chapter of Harukanaru~

Please enjoy!

Mephistopheles wa Darev01 ch01

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Mephistopheles wa Dare v01 ch02

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Mephistopheles wa Dare v01 ch03

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Queen’s Quality v04 ch10

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Harukanaru Jikuu no Naka de 6 v04 ch17

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