May Releases #1

Hello everyone! This week we have Koikimo, Ardour, Love Song, Koudaike no Hitobito, and Joou no Hana.

Please note that Ardour is STALLED! We need a Chinese TL, Proofreader, and Typesetter. Please apply in the forum~

Koi to Yobu v05 ch33

Download || Read Online

Ardour v09 ch43

Download || Read Online

Love Song ch 6.5

Download || Read Online

Koudaike no Hitobito v05 ch32

Download || Read Online

Joou no Hana v10 ch27

Download || Read Online


  1. Thanks a lot for joou no hana! I love this manga!
    Good luck finding people for Ardour!

  2. Thank you for your uploads 🙂 Always look forward to your updates ^^

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