May Releases #2

Hello everyone!

We got new releases for you! This week it’s Bibi, which we’re doing joint with Dayment scans, go and show them some love too, Cosplay Animal, we’re getting to the final chapters of this series soon, Enthralled, your weekly chapter of Koi to Yobu, Mephistopheles, and Mitsuyokon! We hope you enjoy ~

We’ve gotten more donations in the last few months and I wanted to thank you guys so much! We really appreciate it! All donations go to web host costs and buying new raws. It really helps us out a lot!

Bibi v07 ch43 – Joint with Dayment Scans

Download || Read Online

Cosplay Animal v13 ch48

Download || Read Online

Enthralled v01 ch2.3

Download || Read Online

Koi to Yobu v05 ch34

Download || Read Online

Mephistopheles v02 ch08

Download || Read Online

Mitsuyokon v05 ch25

Download || Read Online


We’re recruiting! We really need some new proofreaders to help with our series! Please apply on our forum! 


  1. First of all, thank you for what you do.
    I tried downloading Bibi chapters from Volume 6 but with no luck.
    I tried this site:
    but 36-39 do not work. Is it possible to download these?
    Thank you again!

    • Hey Mierten, unfortunately, we don’t support those download pages anymore. So you’ll have to read the older chapters on our reader instead of downloading.

  2. Thanks a lot with Koi to Yobu v05 ch34, I love this manga.
    the anime is almost reaching the manga, well this translation

  3. Thank you so much for translating Mktsuyokon I adore it so so much!

  4. Thank you very much! <3

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