July Releases #3

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delayed releases, I got distracted with Pokemon Go Fest over the weekend and completely forgot to do releases! But here they are! This week is Bibi, which is joint with Dayment Scans, the first extra of Cosplay Animal, your weekly koikimo chapter and Joou no Hana! Enjoy ♥

Bibi v07 ch45 – Joint with Dayment Scans

Download || Read Online

Cosplay Animal v14 Extra 1

Download || Read Online

Joou no Hana v10 ch29

Download || Read Online 

Koi to Yobu v06 Extra

Download || Read Online

We’re recruiting! We could really use some more proofreaders with a keen eye on youthful talk and proper grammar! Please visit our forum if you’re interested! 

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