Happy Easter 2020!

Hope everyone had a safe and healthy Easter this year! We usually travel to family but we stayed home this year due to the pandemic. It was definitely different experience!

Today we’re bringing you Cosplay Animal, the first Love Devil epilogue, and finally Sengoku Night Blood–a joint with the Lovely Endless Journey group.

Cosplay Animal v11 Ch40

Download || Mangadex

Love Devil v05 Epilogue 1

Download || MangaDex

Sengoku Night Blood v01 ch03

Download || MangaDex

As always we are recruiting! All position may apply in the forum! ♥


  1. Thank you for what you do!
    I don’t suppose that the earlier chapters for Love Devil are available for downloading? I was only able to go as far back as 8/14/2017.
    Some of your series I have been saving to read until they are complete as I am reading too many uncompleted series.
    Thanks again!

    • Hi there. Actually they are.
      You can download them if head to “projects” –> “current” –> “Love Devil”.
      Otherwise, all chapters are available on MangaDex.org 🙂

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